About Carolyn & Taia

Teaching magic people to use shadow integration work, spells, and divination to make their lives dramatically better.

Carolyn and Taia practice and teach a revolutionary, rapid approach to magic in modern life that’s rooted in the ancient magical practice of thaumaturgy – the art of communicating with the personal and collective unconscious in order to generate practical positive change.

Carolyn and Taia’s work has already dramatically improved the financial, romantic, and creative lives of hundreds of people who have taken their courses, and that number of “lives dramatically improved” will soon be in the thousands as Carolyn and Taia’s message continues to spread.

Carolyn Elliott

Dr. Carolyn Elliott teaches INFLUENCE: the life-altering course on mastering practical magic, and THRILL: a course on growing your online audience and getting paid.  

Carolyn built a multi-6-figure online business in a handful of years by coaching dozens of one-on-one clients and hundreds of course participants to dramatic personal transformations using her cutting-edge shadow integration tools.  

Carolyn developed her radically effective shadow integration processes  by wrestling with her own demons – including heroin addiction when a teenager and poverty and abusive relationships as a young adult.

Carolyn earned her PhD in Critical and Cultural studies from the University of Pittsburgh (where she also taught English for 7 years), with a dissertation on Poetic Inquiry.  She’s the author of the cult-favorite creativity book, Awaken Your Genius, the co-author of a soon-to-be-released book on the astrology of the Millennial Generation, and the founder and editor of the popular feminist occult magazine, WITCH (badwitch.es).

Taia Kepher

Taia is a trickster. He hates boundaries, but he loves crossing them.

Taia uses his anger about the state of the world as his ally, in the noble stand against Complacency.

Due to his level of awareness and continual effort to awaken further, he’s recently been promoted. Now he’s a Major in the Shadow-War of Consciousness. And one day he’ll probably be a famous General.

As a lifelong student of the occult, Taia lives and breathes Magic. He considers it to be a way of life.  

As a loving father, and a passionate mad-man, Taia has endless compassion for life. More than anything, he wants to see life on Earth reach its’ full potential. So for better, and sometimes worse, he takes people beyond their limits.

He offers Personal Coaching and Magical services over at website.com