More About Carolyn

As a Capricorn sun with a Cancer Moon and Taurus Rising, Carolyn lives in the tension between her boundless desire to transform the world and her boundless desire to sit on her cozy couch.

She resolves this most days by writing and teaching and coaching while sitting on the aforementioned cozy couch.

After struggling with intense depression, addiction, shitty relationships and dead-end jobs as a youth and young adult, she took a bodhisattva vow to liberate all beings from shame and suffering and seeks to fulfill that vow every day, starting with herself.

As a result of this vow and a lot of strange magic that she learned while traveling the world, studying with some hardcore teachers, and performing many far-out experiments, Carolyn’s life has becoming richer and cozier and sweeter than her wildest dreams.

These days Carolyn’s champagne challenges include learning to be a stepmother to Taia’s sons (holy moly, The Feminine Mystique sure wasn’t kidding about this domestic stuff being tough!) – and balancing her intense will-to-power with her equally intense desire for a warm & happy home & a thriving community of friends.

Carolyn loves coaching other successful women entrepreneurs and authors to greater heights and more fulfilling pleasures.

In her spare time she enjoys reading too many astrology blogs, playing pinball, throwing big holiday parties, shopping for fancy perfume, doing weird witchy stuff with her tight-knit coven, and driving around Pittsburgh listening to pop music.

Also, and somewhat obviously: she’s super, super-into Taia.