The life-altering course on mastering practical magic

A 10-week course on shadow integration and spell-casting that puts you well on your way to re-arranging your reality for the way-better.  Participants in INFLUENCE regularly report transformed relationships, much more rewarding finances, creative expansion and massive improvements in their magical confidence.

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Grow your online audience and get paid

A 12-week masterclass on the fundamentals of creating content that rivets attention, grows your audience, and results in profits for your online teaching or coaching business.  Participants in THRILL have gone on to build thriving businesses and have their content shared tens of thousands of times on social media.

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The course on commanding liminal magic

An 8-week course on nonduality, Outer Planet magic, and the four powers of the Sphinx that radically grows your perception and scope as a witch / magician.  Currently offered only to graduates of INFLUENCE.  Participants in DARE report stunning liminal synchronicities, happy shifts in self-perception, and much greater fluency with magical paradox.

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