Taia Kepher

As an avid practitioner of sorcery, Taia makes his ‘bread and butter’ by wheeling and dealing with unseen forces.

It may surprise you to learn that he’s also a staunch realist.

He does his best to avoid the land of fantasy that most people escape into for comfort. Taia values ‘ideals’ for their sense of direction, but he always acknowledges the reality around him for what it is, violent and beautiful. In truth, he probably wouldn’t want it any other way.

Taia was born into the poisons of addiction and had a pretty rough childhood. He experienced the belly-of-the-beast, up close and personal at a very young age.

While growing up, Taia used to rebel against everything. Always trying to destroy unhealthy patterns in the culture around him, until he eventually realized that it’s all a product of the Mind.

This snapped him out of a dissociated youth, and he began to see the world as a petri dish for his mad-science. Things started to get wild and weird.

Taia loves to study the working relation between body, mind and spirit. He sees this as the crucial foundation of life, so he’s continually working to further his understanding.

A long time student of the martial arts, he currently holds a black belt in the Bujinkan, an ancient lineage of Ninjutsu. He also enjoys practicing the Wudang art of Baguazhang in the Ma Gui lineage.

Taia also enjoys Magic, as some people call it. For him it’s about the sense of mystery that goes beyond words. He’s always striving to dive deeper into this place, and thinks others should too.